We are a global business network system.The system has been designed as an online platform for Businesses to easily connect with all trades around the world.This website helps businesses to market and advertise their products or services on a global scale and connect with potential customers, suppliers and business partners.

Members of e-Tradebook can enjoy the benefits of gaining new business connections, sale increases and business growth. Members can take advantage of our search panel at Virtual Market ,Business Directory and Business profile pages in order to find Products, Services and Businesses. E-Tradebook also offers a cost-efficient advertising system to reach prospective customers and clients.

Regardless what you produce or what services you provide, you can sign up and create a profile for your business with your logo , basic information and contact details.when you become a member , you can easily communicate with other members , find supplier or business partner and get customer orders.It is Free to create a business profile and be a member.



E-tradebook is online Business platform and marketplace. Any Business, corporation, individual, partnership, association or other legal business entity can sign up, set up business or professional account and be a member.

It is FREE to sign up and make account at e-tradebook.com . When a member create the Profile for their business, the information which they public will save in our data bank and other members or users who need their products or services can access them by using our search panels. Our networking system help business members directly communicate with each other.


  • Free business or professional profile

  • Display your product or service at marketplace

  • Get monthly 30 free customer orders

  • Free listing their business information at business directory

  • Add and connect with 10 businesses by using the Business Networking list

  • Free publish 10 photos of products or services at this business profile

  • Unlimited message communication with other members

  • Access to Business directory data bank



Our Online Business directory helps companies, business people or customers to search, find any business or producer and service providers from all around the world whenever they need.

The Internet is largest consumer market in the world. Internet usage is very popular all around the world. According recent research, in some of developed countries almost 80% of population are regular internet users.

To be seen and connected with potensial customers just list your Business in our Business directory. Your basic Business and contact information such as Company or business name, category, location, phone, fax, email and address will be saved in our data bank. All our Business or professional members and users can access when they need your products or services.



E-tradebook online marketplace is a platform that bring customers and suppliers together. Our members can easily post their Products or Services here and sell them in their local or international markets.

To post your Products or services without any Fees you can sign up, create a Business or professional profile and be a member. When you joined us, you will be eligible to use our free services as well.




All members can write and post what they needs and what they can offer to others. These feature simply designed to connect people who are offering any service or products to who need these services or products. our Needs and Offers cover wide range of products or services such as cars , place to rent , Machinery for manufacturing ,electronic devices and computers and even music instruments, can be offer for building services or even employment and job opportunity.